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Adaptive front lighting connector board with VIPower board slot

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Target ApplicationConnector Board
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RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The AEK-CON-AFLVIP2 connector board is designed to connect a car headlight solution demo featuring automatic adjustment of the low beam direction based on road geometry and tilt angles affected by weight distributions inside the car.

The board can connect an MCU discovery board, such as the AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1 (with 4x37 connector), with two AEK-MOT-SM81M1 stepper motor boards governing low beam direction (left-right and up-down), and a AEK-LED-21DISM1 LED driver board capable of supplying the different LED lights included in a modern front headlight assembly. It can also connect a high-side switch board from the EV-VNx range (e.g., EV-VN7050AS) to control a cooling fan for the LED headlight.

The AEK-CON-AFLVIP2 board is part of the AutoDevKit initiative, which allows you to build and test various application prototypes from a set of available boards and generating the dedicated drivers and pin assignments using the SPC5-Studio integrated development environment.

Key features
  • Designed to connect the following elements for a complete automatic front lighting (AFL) adjustment solution for a LED vehicle headlight:
    • An MCU board such as the AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1 with 4x37 connector
    • Two AEK-MOT-SM81M1 stepper motor boards
    • An AEK-LED-21DISM1 LED driver control board with two L99LD21 LED drivers and providing four independent channels
    • An EV-VNx actuator board such as the EV-VN7050AS to switch a headlight colling fan on and off
  • Connected boards are controlled via three separate SPIs
  • Input voltage from 8 VDC to 15 VDC
  • Board size: 65 x 100 mm. Maximum component height: 27 mm
  • Cables included for two stepper motor boards and one LED driver board
  • WEEE and RoHS compliant
  • All ST components are qualified Automotive grade
  • Part of the AutoDevKit initiative
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