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MCU discovery board for SPC5 Chorus 1M automotive microcontroller

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Core ProductSPC582B
ECCN US3A991.a.2
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The AEK-MCU-C1MLIT1 board exploits the functionality of SPC582B60E1 Power Architecture® microcontrollers with full access to CPUs, I/O signals and peripherals.

The SPC58 2B Line MCUs are designed to address automotive vehicle body, gateway and industrial oriented applications.

Free ready-to-run application firmware examples are available in SPC5-STUDIO software with AutoDevKit plug-in (STSW-AUTODEVKIT) to support quick evaluation and development.

Key features
  • SPC582B60E1 microcontroller: 32-bit z2 core at 80 Mhz CPU, 32-bit Power Architecture® technology CPU, 1 MB Code Flash in eQFP64 package
  • On-board USB-JTAG PLS debugger and dedicated optional connector to plug a standalone JTAG debugger
  • Extension headers for all the device pins for fast prototyping
  • Mini-B USB port
  • One user push button and one RESET button
  • 3 LEDs for user purposes
  • 3 integrated programmers/debuggers
  • 1 Reset and 1 Power LED (+5 V)
  • 40 MHz Crystal
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • Part of the AutoDevKit™ initiative
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