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VN9D30Q100F Evaluation Board

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating RangeAutomotive
Target ApplicationBody and Convenience
Core ProductVN9D30Q100F
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantNot compliant
Package NameCARD

The EV-VN9D30Q100F board provides you an easy way to connect ST VIPower M0-9SPI technology into your existing system.

Key features
  • Simple single IC application board dedicated to VN9D30Q100F
  • Provides electrical connectivity and thermal heat-sinking for easy prototyping
  • General device features
    • Extreme low voltage operation for deep cold cranking applications (compliant with LV124, revision 2013)
    • 24-bit ST-SPI for full diagnostic and digital current sense feedback
    • Integrated 10 bit ADC for digital current sense
    • Integrated PWM engine with independent phase shift and frequency generation (for each channel)
    • Programmable Bulb/LED mode for all channels
    • Advanced limp home functions for robust fail-safe system
    • Very low standby current
    • Optimized electromagnetic emissions
    • Very low electromagnetic susceptibility
    • Control through direct inputs and / or SPI
    • Compliant with European directive 2002/95/EC
  • Diagnostic functions
    • Digital proportional load current sense
    • Synchronous diagnostic of over load and short to GND, output shorted to VCC and OFF-state open-load
    • Programmable case overtemperature warning
  • Protections
    • Two levels load current limitation
    • Self limiting of fast thermal transients
    • Undervoltage shutdown
    • Overvoltage clamp
    • Latch-off or programmable time limited auto restart (power limitation and overtemperature shutdown)
    • Load dump protected
    • Protection against loss of ground