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Evaluation board for L9907 highly integrated 3-phase BLDC motors pre-driver with integrated rail-to-rail operational ampliers and Inductive booster for system operation from 6V up to 54V

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating RangeAutomotive
Target ApplicationBody and Convenience
Core ProductL9907
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantNot compliant
Package NameCARD

The EVAL-L9907 is designed to provide the user with a platform for the evaluation of the L9907 device. The Board provides all the main input/output capabilities necessary to drive a BLCD motor and provide also diagnostic functionalities. L9907 is fully integrated 3-phase pre-driver with integrated booster capable to drive all kind of Power MOS transistors in 3-phase BLDC motor applications up to 54 V. The integrated boost regulator provides sufficient gate charge to driver Power MOS down to 6 V. The circuit is suitable to operate in environments with high supply voltage such as double battery in 48V systems.L9907 is able to control independently the six pre-driver channels to implement all kind of electric motor control strategies, with the possibility to select among 4 gate output current levels while the application is running. All output channels are protected against short circuit.L9907 is equipped with 2 current sense amplifiers. The gain and output offset voltage of each current sense amplifier can be configured by SPI to allow max flexibility for phase or ground current sense strategy. L9907 is protected against over-temperature and shoot through events.The EVAL-L9907 can be plugged directly to SPC560P-DISP Discovery+ board and using the L9907 demonstration software it is possible to implement a 3 Phase Brush-less Motors control.

Key features
  • Supply voltage range (VBatt): 6 V÷54 V
  • Load Current Capability up to 20 A
  • Device control and diagnostic via SPI
  • Flexible shunt configuration (Phase U+PhaseV or PhaseU+Total Phase)
  • 4 LEDs for monitoring VBatt, Vcc, EN1 and EN2 signal
  • Input signal connector compatible with SPC56 Discovery boards. A different microcontroller board can be connected by a simple adaptor or wire
  • Total accessibility to all pins by test points
  • Modular PCBs design to easily change the external Power MOS both SMD and throughhole Power MOS
  • Possibility to connect external USB adapter for the SPI communication
  • Possibility to use external Boost components by removing jumpers