Demonstration board kit for L638xE and L639x high-voltage gate drivers

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target ApplicationBrushed DC Motor
Core ProductL6385E, L6387E, L6388E, L6389E, L6395, L6398, L6399
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack1
Package NameCARD

The L638xE and L639x are high voltage devices manufactured with the BCD™ “offline” technology. They are single chip half-bridge gate drivers for N-channel power MOSFET or IGBT.

The high-side (floating) section is designed to stand a voltage rail up to 600 V. The logic inputs are CMOS/TTL compatible down to 3.3 V for the easy interfacing microcontroller and up to 15 V for Hall-effect interfaces.

The integrated bootstrap diode allows a more compact and cost-effective design, but the use of the external diode is still possible in case of specific requirements.

The EVALSTDRV600HB8 contains 2 samples in the SO8 package for each of the compatible gate drivers, and allows evaluating all of the gate drivers features and functionalities while driving a half-bridge power stage based on N-channel MOSFETs or IGBTs in several different packages and with voltage rating up to 600 V.

Essential passive components such as the filtering and bootstrap capacitor are already mounted on the PCB, while the gate driving network shall be populated depending on the selected power switch.

Passive components footprints are compatible with both SMT and T.H. components, so they allow a fast and easy configuration and modification.

Key features
  • Half-bridge configuration
  • High voltage rail up to 600 V
  • Includes samples of each compatible gate driver in SO8 package
    • L6385E, L6387E, L6388E, L6389E,
    • L6395, L6398, L6399
  • Compatible with MOSFETs/IGBTs in
    • DPAK, D2PAK, TO-220, TO-220FP
  • dV/dt transient immunity ± 50 V/ns in full temperature range
  • Integrated bootstrap diode
  • Dedicated high- and low-side driving inputs
  • Compact and simplified layout
  • Gate drivers in the kit features different functionalities and characteristics
    • UVLO on both - high-side and low-side
    • Internal deadtime, or no deadtime
    • Interlocking for anti cross-conduction protection
    • Ability to drive asymmetrical half-bridges and switched reluctance motors
    • Active high or active low LIN for single input gate driving