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Very high power density board - 65W multi-port (USB Type-C and USB Type-A) power delivery based on ST-ONEMP and MASTERGAN4

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target ApplicationAC-DC Converters
Input Voltage Min Volt90.0
Input Voltage Max Volt265.0
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantNot compliant
Package NameCARD

The EVLONEMP is one of the best power density USB Power Delivery multiport boards with a USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C® port supporting Programmable Power Supply (PPS). The design supports a wide range of input voltages and can deliver 10 W (5 V@2 A) on a Type-A port, and five fixed PDOs and two APDOs on a Type-C port.

This board is based on ST-ONEMP, the world’s first digital controller embedding Arm® Cortex® M0+ core, an offline programmable controller with synchronous rectification, and USB PD PHY in a single package.

Such a system is specifically designed to control ZVS non-complementary active clamp flyback converters to create high power density chargers and adapters with USB Power Delivery interface.

The device includes an active clamp flyback controller and its HV startup on the primary side, a microcontroller and all the peripherals required to control the conversion and the USB Power Delivery communication on the secondary side. The two sides are connected through an embedded galvanically isolated dual communication channel.

High switching operations in companion with MasterGaN power stage allow to use small size magnetic components and allow to reach a very high efficiency.

Key features
  • Universal input mains range: 90 Vac to 265 Vac - Frequency 47 ÷ 63 Hz
  • Maximum output power: 65 W
  • Dimensions: 58x36x20mm, (L x W x H)
  • Power density: 26 W/in3
  • Efficiency: > 93 % @ full load
  • Constant current output:3.75 A max. for USB Type-C® port2 A max. for USB Type-A port
  • Output voltage range:3.3 ÷ 21 Vdc for USB Type-C port5 Vdc for USB Type-A port
  • PD outputs on USB Type-C port (without load on USB Type-A port):Five fixed PDOs: 5 V@3.75 A, 9 V@3.75 A, 12 V@3.75 A, 15 V@3.75 A, 20 V@3.25 ATwo APDOs (PPS): 3.3 V÷16 V@3.75 A, 3.3 V÷21 V@3.25 A
  • PD outputs on USB Type-C port (with load on USB Type-A port):Five fixed PDOs: 5 V@3.75 A, 9 V@3.75 A, 12 V@3.75 A, 15 V@3.33 A, 20 V@2.5 ATwo APDOs (PPS): 5 V÷16 V@3.3 A, 5 V÷21 V@2.5 A
  • PPS mode: 20 mV step for CV, 50 mA step for CC
  • Feedback loops: Constant Current and Constant Voltage
  • Protections: Brown-out, Overcurrent protection, Overtemperature protection, Overvoltage protection, Undervoltage protection