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15 V / 50 W QR flyback converter based on VIPERGAN50

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Target ApplicationAdapters for Tablets, Notebook and AIO
Core ProductVIPERGAN50
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The EVLVIPGAN50FL evaluation board implements a 15 V-50 W SSR isolated flyback converter developed for general purpose application, operating from 90 to 265 VAC.

The reference design is built around the VIPERGAN50, a new advanced offline high-voltage converter by STMicroelectronics, having the following features:

Enhanced system reliability is ensured by the built-in soft-start function and by the following set of protections:

The EVLVIPGAN50FL is composed of a main board and a daughterboard, whose schematics are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively.

The main board contains, on the primary side, a diode bridge for double wave rectification, an input pi filter for EMI, a flyback transformer, the VIPERGAN50 and all the related components needed for polarization and features setting; on the secondary side, the output capacitors and the output rectifier, realized by a Power MOSFET driven by a synchronous rectifier for efficiency optimization.

Key features
  • Universal input mains range: 90 – 265 VAC
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Output voltage: 15 V
  • Output current: 3.35 A
  • Stand-by mains consumption: < 85 mW at 230 VAC
  • Average efficiency: > 90%
  • Tight line and load regulation over the entire input and output range
  • Meets IEC55022 Class B conducted EMI even with reduced EMI filter, thanks to the frequency jittering feature
  • RoHS compliant