Demonstration board for STDRIVEG600 600V high-speed half-bridge gate driver with MDmesh DM2 Power MOSFET

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Core ProductSTDRIVEG600
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The STDRIVEG600 is a high-speed half-bridge gate driver optimized to drive high-voltage N-channel power MOSFETs or enhanced mode GaN HEMTs. It features an integrated bootstrap diode and allows supplying external switches up to 20 V.

The EVSTDRIVEG600DM board is easy to use and quick and adapt for evaluating the characteristics of STDRIVEG600 driving 600V MDmesh DM2 Power MOSFET with fast recovery diode.

It provides an on-board programmable dead time generator and a 3.3 V linear voltage regulator to supply external logic controllers like microcontrollers.

Spare footprints are also included to allow customizing the board for the final application, such as separate input signal or single PWM signal, use of optional external bootstrap diode, separate supply for VCC, PVCC or BOOT and the use of low-side shunt resistor for peak current mode topologies.

The EVSTDRIVEG600DM is 54 x 88 mm wide, FR-4 PCB resulting in 20 °C/W Rth(J‑A) in still air.

Key features
  • Half-Bridge topology featuring 600V STDRIVEG600 gate driver
  • Equipped with 115 mΩ 600V MDmesh DM2 Power MOSFET STL33N60DM2 with fast recovery diode.
  • MOSFET in PowerFLAT 8x8 HV package with Kelvin source or alternative DPAK footprint.
  • HV bus up to 450V (capacitor rating limited)
  • 4.75 to 20 V VCC gate driver supply voltage
  • On-board adjustable deadtime generator to convert single PWM signal into independent high-side and low-side deadtimes.
  • Separated inputs with external deadtime can also be used
  • On-board 3.3V regulator for external circuitry supply
  • 20°C/W junction-to-ambient thermal resistance to evaluate large power topologies
  • Optional low-side shunt
  • RoHS compliant.
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