Capacitive multi-touch screen controller for OLED touch panels

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Packing TypeTape And Reel
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameFBGA 5.0X5X0.47 84 0.5 PITCH 0.2
Key features
  • True multi-touch
    • Independent XY tracking with 10 simultaneous touches in real time
    • Supports 22TX, 34RX channels
  • Single chip solution
    • Supports 5.5inch to 7 inch inches screen size with 4mm to 5mm sensor pitch
    • Supports high-end touch-display projected capacitive technology panel types
  • Advanced Analog Front End (AFE)
    • Simultaneous mutual sensing and self-sensing support on all the channels
    • Proprietary node compensation hardware
    • Multiple scanning methods with multi-TX drive to boost the SNR and provide high noise immunity
    • High drive capability charge-pump
  • High SNR
    • Very low intrinsic noise to improve the device SNR and provide very high sensitivity
    • Extremely strong common mode charger noise rejection
    • Advanced filtering techniques for high noise immunity
  • Digital Core
    • ARM M3 core with 128KB Flash memory to implement all features with free space for customer use
    • Advanced data processing for common mode noise immunity
  • Advanced Features
    • Multi finger thick gloves, 2.5mm passive stylus, wet finger touch, water rejection, cover mode support
    • Finger separation ≤ 10mm
  • Fast report rate
    • Report rate of >150Hz in Active Mode
  • Low Power
    • ST proprietary Hardware and Firmware techniques to achieve low power
  • Touch panels
    • Works with flat or curved panels with touch embedded into high resolution displays
  • Power supply scheme
    • Dual supply operation 3.3 V and 1.8 V
    • Single 3.3V operation is also supported
  • Serial interface
    • I2C compatible slave mode (100Kbps, 400Kbps, 1Mbps)
    • 3-wire and 4-wire Mode 0 SPI interface 12MHz (typ).
    • I3C interface
    • 3.3V tolerant interface for I2C and SPI
    • I/Os: RESETB, INTB hardware pins to host interfac