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USB compatible battery charger system with integrated power switch for Li-Ion/Li-Polymer

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius85.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameVFQFPN 16 3x3x1.0

The L6924U is a fully monolithic battery charger that safely charges single-cell Li-Ion/Polymer battery from either a USB power source or an AC adapter. In USB mode, the L6924U supports both low-power and high-power mode. Alternatively the device can charge from an AC wall adapter. The ideal solution for space-limited portable products integrates the power MOSFET, reverse blocking diode, sense resistor and thermal protection into a compact VFQFPN16 package. When an external voltage regulated adapter or USB port is used, the L6924U works in linear mode, and charges the battery in a constant current constant voltage (CC/CV) profile. Moreover, when a current-limited adapter is used, the device can operate in quasi-pulse mode, dramatically reducing the power dissipation. Regardless of the charging approach, a closed-loop thermal control avoids device overheating. The device has an operating input voltage ranging from 2.5 V to 12 V and it allows the user to program many parameters, such as fast-charge current, end-of-charge current threshold, and charge timer. The L6924U offers two open collector outputs for diagnostic purposes, which can be used to either drive two external LEDs or communicate with a host microcontroller. Finally, the L6924U also provides other features like gas gauge function, checks for battery presence, and monitors and protects the battery from unsafe thermal conditions.

Key features
  • Fully integrated solution, with power MOSFET, reverse blocking diode, sense resistor, and thermal protection
  • Charges single-cell Li-Ion batteries from selectable AC adapter or USB input
  • Programmable charge current up to 1 A in AC adapter mode
  • Programmable charging current in USB mode for both high-power and low-power inputs
  • 4.2 V output voltage with ± 1 % accuracy
  • Linear or quasi-pulse operating mode
  • Closed-loop thermal control
  • Programmable end-of-charge current
  • Programmable charge timer
  • (NTC) or (PTC) thermistor interface for battery temperature monitoring and protection
  • Status outputs to drive LEDs or to interface with a host processor
  • Small VFQFPN 16-lead package (3 x 3 mm)