Automotive 4-channel valve driver

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating Voltage Min Volt5.5
Operating Voltage Max Volt36.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameTQFP 48 7x7x1.0

The L9305 is a configurable, monolithic solenoid driver IC designed for the control of linear solenoids for automatic transmission, electronic stability control, and active suspension applications. The four channels can be configured as either low side or high side drivers in any combination. The device includes the power transistor, recirculation transistor and current sensing for both the power and recirculation transistor. This architecture guarantees redundancy of the current measurement for each channel.

The regulated current is programmable in the range of 0-1.5 A (normal range), with a resolution of 0.25 mA, or 0-2 A (extended range), with a resolution of 0.33 mA. The user can superimpose configurable dither modulation over the set point current.

A 32-bit CRC protected SPI interface is used for configuration and control of all channels and provides status feedback of all diagnostic functions. An active low reset input, RESN, is used to disable all channels and resets internal registers to their default values. A safe enable path is provided through the EN_DR pin and the integrated Fail Safe Pre-driver. An isolated redundant safety switch-off path ensures that critical internal faults disable the fail safe pre-driver. An active high enable pin, EN_DR, is used to enable or disable the operation of all channels. When the EN_DR pin is low, all channels are disabled. A fault output pin is provided and can be used to generate an external interrupt to the microcontroller whenever a fault is detected. The user can map specific faults to the FAULTn pin based on their specific system requirements.

Key features
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • 4-channel independent LSD/HSD current controlled drivers
    • Integrated current sense path
    • Current accuracy (in normal range) ± 5 mA in 0 to 0.5 A range ± 1% in 0.5 A to 1.5 A range
    • Current accuracy (in extended range) ± 15 mA in 0 to 0.3 A range ± 5% in 0.3 A to 0.5 A range ± 4% in 0.5 A to 2 A range
    • Max driver RDSON 375 mΩ @ 175 °C
    • 13-bit current set-point resolution
    • Variable and fixed frequency current control
    • Programmable dither function
    • Selectable driver slew rate control
  • Safety features
    • High side fail safe ENABLE switch pre-driver with VDS monitoring
    • Redundant safe enable path
    • Advanced diagnosis and monitoring using BIST
    • Temperature sensor and monitoring
    • Redundant current sensing for all channels
    • Calibration & configuration memory including CRC
    • Secure serial communications using address feedback, 5-bit CRC, frame counter & long/short frame detection
    • Register verification
  • 32-bit SPI communications with 5-bit CRC message verification
  • Package options: PWSSO36, TQFP48
  • Full ISO26262 compliant, ASIL-D systems ready