L9375TRLF Active

8-channel valve driver
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius150.0
Operating Voltage Min Volt5.2
Operating Voltage Max Volt20.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NamePowerSO 36
Key Features
  • Eight protected low-side drivers with diagnostics
    • Four 0.16 Ω (typ) low side outputs (Q1 - Q4)
    • Four 0.2 Ω (typ) PWM controlled outputs (Q5 - Q8)
  • All outputs with 35 V (min) zener clamp
  • Programmable output timer
  • Clock monitor
  • Integrated recirculation diodes (Q5-Q8 only)
  • 16 bit serial peripheral interface (SPI), up to 5 MHz with diagnostics
  • Battery compatible supply voltage
  • Detailed load diagnostics
    • Over load protection
    • Open load (off-state)
    • Under current
    • Under voltage
    • Temperature warning and shutdown
    • Power or signal GND loss
    • Recirculation diode loss
    • Silent valve driver test

The L9375TRLF is a SPI controlled octal channel low side driver with integrated recirculation diodes.

The output duty cycle (Q5 - Q8) can be programmed individually. It is possible to program two consecutive output duty cycles per channel as well as an individual duration time for each channel actuation (all channels).

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