L9658 Active

Octal squib driver and quad sensor interfaceASIC for safety application
Operating RangeAutomotive
Operating Voltage Min Volt6.5
Operating Voltage Max Volt35.0
Packing TypeTray
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameLQFP 64 10x10x1.4
Key Features
  • 8 deployment drivers sized to deliver 1.2 A (min) for 2 ms (min) and 1.75 A (min) for 1 ms (min)
  • Independently controlled high-side and low-side MOS for diagnosis
  • Analog output available for resistance
  • Squib short to ground, short to battery and MOS diagnostic available on SPI register
  • Capability to deploy the squib with 1.2 A (min) or 1.75 A under 35 V load-dump condition and the low side MOS is shorted to ground
  • Capability to deploy the squib with 1.2 A (min) at 6.9 V VRES and 1.75 A at 12 V VRES
  • Interface with 4 satellite sensors
  • Programmable independent current trip points for each satellite channel
  • Support Manchester protocol for satellite sensors
  • Supports for variable bit rate detection
  • Independent current limit and fault timer shutdown protection for each satellite output
  • Short to ground and short to battery detection and reporting for each satellite channel
  • 5.5 MHz SPI interface
  • Satellite message error detection
  • Hall effect sensor support on satellite channels 3 and 4.
  • Low voltage internal reset
  • 2 kV ESD capability on all pins
  • Package: 64 leads LQFP
  • Technology: ST proprietary BCD5s (0.57 μm)

L9658 is intended to deploy up to 8 squibs and to interface up to 4 satellites. 2 satellite interfaces can be used to interface Hall sensors.

Squib drivers are sized to deploy 1.2 A minimum for 2 ms minimum during load dump and 1.75 A minimum for 1ms minimum during load dump.

Diagnostic of squib driver and squib resistance measurement is controlled by micro controller.

Satellite interfaces support Manchester decoder with variable bit rate.

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