L9907 Active

3 phase gate driver for 6step or FOC controlled Brushless Motors compatible with 48V NET
Operating RangeAutomotive
Supply Voltage Min Volt4.2
Supply Voltage Max Volt54.0
Packing TypeTray
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameTQFP 64 10x10x1.0
Key Features
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Supply voltage from 4.2V to 54 V for working in single (12 V systems), double (24 V systems) and 48 V battery applications
  • The device can withstand -7 V to 90 V at the FET high-side Driver pins
  • Low standby current consumption
  • 3.3 V internal regulator supplied by Vcc pin
  • Boost regulator for full Rdson down to 6 V and over voltage protection
  • 3 low-side + 3 high-side drivers
    • PWM operation up to 20 kHz
    • Gate driver current adjustable via SPI in 4 steps. Range set via external resistor. Maximum gate controlled current 600 mA
    • Source connection to each MOSFET
  • Input pin for each gate driver
  • 2-differential current sense amplifiers:
    • Output offset selectable via SPI (0.2*Vcc offset for ground shunt resistors connection, 0.5*Vcc offset for phase shunt resistors connection)
    • All the amplifier gain factors are programmable (10, 30, 50, 100)
  • 8 MHz, 16-bit SPI
    • Full diagnostic
    • Programmable parameters:
      • Cross conduction dead time with a fixed minimum value

      • 4 current steps driving the PowerMOS gates (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

      • Phase or ground selection of current sense amplifier

      • Gain values for the current sense amplifiers

      • Zero current output voltage (offset) for the current sense amplifiers

      • Over voltage threshold selection for single or double battery operation

      • Short circuit detection thresholds for the low-side and the high-side MOSFETs (drain to source voltage monitor).

  • Protection and diagnostic
    • FET driver:
      • FET driver supply Undervoltage (UV) diagnostic;

      • Gate to source output voltage limit;

      • Gate to source passive switch off.

L9907 is a smart power device realized in STMicroelectronics advanced BCD-6s technology. It is able to drive all PowerMOS transistors for 3-phase BLDC motor applications. The circuit is suitable to operate in environments with high supply voltage such as double battery. Supply related pins are capable of withstanding up to 90 V.

Moreover, the device is able to control the six pre-driver channels independently. In this way it is possible to implement all kinds of electric motor control strategy.

The integrated boost regulator provides sufficient gate charge for all PowerMOS down to a battery voltage of 6 V. All pre-drivers have dedicated connections with the MOSFET sources. The device offers programmability for a base gate output current via an external resistor. Moreover, via SPI, it is possible to select among 4 gate output current levels even while the application is running. All channels are protected against short circuit and the device is protected against overtemperature conditions. Moreover, the boost converter implements an over voltage protection to allow safe functionality of pre-drivers in all battery voltage conditions. During over voltage conditions, BST_C voltage is limited by temporarily switching off the boost regulator and pre-drivers are allowed to operate. Boost will be self re-enabled as soon as the output voltage decreases to an acceptable value.

The device is equipped with 2 current sense amplifiers. Both have SPI selectable amplifier gain (10, 30, 50 and 100) and output offset voltage level in order to allow max flexibility for phase or ground current sense strategy. All I/O pins are 35 V compatible. Full diagnostic is available through SPI. The device is available in TQFP64.

The device is protected against Shoot Through events.

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