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Automotive fully configurable 8-channel High/Low side MOSFET

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating RangeAutomotive
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius150.0
Operating Voltage Min Volt3.8
Operating Voltage Max Volt36.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameTQFP 64 10x10x1.0

The L9945 is an 8-channel MOSFET pre-driver configurable for low-side, high-side, peak and hold and H-Bridge load control. It is designed to comply with the requirements of 12 V (passenger vehicle) and 24 V (commercial vehicle) battery systems.

All outputs can be PWM controlled. Six outputs are capable of driving safety relevant loads. One output can be dedicated to the actuation of safety relevant loads requiring a dedicated enable pin (EN6).

The device offers the possibility of controlling two independent H-Bridges.

The device can also drive up to two loads requiring peak & hold control strategy.

The driver outputs are protected against short circuit condition.

The device protects the external MOS in case of an overcurrent event.

Each output provides full diagnostic information such as short to battery, short to ground and open-load. Each output status can be constantly monitored through dedicated SPI registers.

The voltage slew rate of the external transistors 1-8 is controlled during turn ON and turn OFF in order to improve EMI behavior.

A double, redundant, external disable source is available through DIS and NDIS pins in order to improve safety.

The device is configurable via SPI through a 32-bit protocol.

Key features
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • 12 V and 24 V battery systems compliance
  • 3.3 V and 5 V logic compatible I/O
  • 8-channel configurable MOSFET pre-driver
    • High-side (N-channel and P-channel MOS)
    • Low-side (N-channel MOS)
    • H-bridge (up to 2 H-bridge)
    • Peak & Hold (2 loads)
  • Operating battery supply voltage 3.8 V to 36 V
  • Operating VDD supply voltage 4.5 V to 5.5 V
  • All device pins, except the ground pins, withstand at least 40 V
  • Programmable gate charge/discharge currents for improving EMI behavior
  • Individual diagnosis for:
    • Short circuit to battery
    • Open load
    • Short circuit to ground
  • Highly flexible overcurrent sensing implementation
    • Possibility of monitoring external MOS drain to source voltage
    • Possibility of monitoring voltage on external shunt resistor
    • 64 programmable overcurrent thresholds independent for each channel
    • Ultra-fast output shutdown in case of overcurrent
  • Current limitation for H-Bridge configuration
  • 32-bit SPI protocol available for configuration and diagnostics
    • Failures latched even if they occur during diagnostics reading
    • Daisy chain operation
    • SDO protected against overvoltage
  • Safety features
    • Fast switch off redundant output disable through two external pins
    • Built In Self Test (BIST) for logic operation
    • Hardware Self Check (HWSC) for VDD5 overvoltage comparator
    • Configurable Communication Check (CC) watchdog timer available
    • Disable feedback through bi-directional pin
    • Highly redundant output monitoring through dedicated SPI registers
  • 10-bit ADC for battery and die temperature measurements available through SPI
  • VDD5 monitoring for over/under voltage
  • VPS (battery) monitoring for under voltage
  • ISO26262 systems compatible