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Door Actuator Driver

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Packing TypeTray
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameTQFP 64 10x10x1.0

The L99DZ81EP is a microcontroller driven multifunctional door actuator driver for automotive applications. Up to two DC motors and four grounded resistive loads can be driven with three half bridges and four high-side drivers.

Four external MOS transistors in bridge configuration can be driven. The integrated SPI controls all operating modes (forward, reverse, brake and high impedance). Also all diagnostic information is available via SPI read.

Key features
  • One full bridge for 6 A load (RON= 150 mΩ)
  • One half bridge for 3 A load (RON= 300 mΩ)
  • One configurable highside driver for up to 1.5 A (RON= 500 mΩ) or 0.4 A (RON= 1600 mΩ) load
  • One configurable high-side driver for 0.8 A (RON= 800 mΩ) or 0.4 A (RON= 1600 mΩ) load
  • Two high-side drivers for 0.5 A load (RON= 1600 mΩ)
  • Programmable softstart function to drive loads with higher inrush currents as current limitation value
  • Very low VScurrent consumption in standby mode (IS< 6 μA typ. Tj≤ 85°C)
  • Current monitor output for all high-side drivers
  • Central two-stage charge pump
  • Motor bridge driver with full Rdsondown to 6 V
  • Device contains temperature warning and protection
  • Open-load detection for all outputs
  • Overcurrent protection for all outputs
  • Separated half bridges for door lock motor
  • Programmable PWM control of all outputs
  • STM standard serial peripheral interface (ST-SPI 3.0)
  • Prepared for additional fail-safe path for H-Bridge