L99MOD54XPTR Active

Multi-Output Driver for Automotive Applications
Operating RangeAutomotive
Packing TypeTape And Reel
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NamePowerSSO 36
Key Features
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Three half bridges for 0.75 A loads (RDSon = 1600 mΩ)
  • Two configurable high-side drivers for up to 1.5 A load (RDSon = 500 mΩ) or 0.35 A load (RDSon = 1800 mΩ)
  • One high-side driver for 6 A load (RDSon = 100 mΩ)
  • Programmable soft start function to drive loads with higher inrush currents (i.e. current > 6 A, current > 1.5 A)
  • Very low current consumption in standby mode (IS < 6 µA typ; Tj ≤ 85 °C)
  • All outputs short circuit protected
  • Current monitor output for high-side OUT1, OUT4, OUT5 and OUT6
  • All outputs over temperature protected
  • Open-load diagnostic for all outputs
  • Overload diagnostic for all outputs
  • PWM control of all outputs
  • Charge pump output for reverse polarity protection

The L99MOD54XP is a microcontroller-driven multifunctional actuator driver for automotive applications.

Up to two DC motors and three grounded resistive loads can be driven with three half bridges and three high-side drivers.

The integrated SPI controls all operating modes (forward, reverse, brake and high impedance).

Also all diagnostic information is available via SPI read.

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