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Low noise and low drop voltage regulator with shutdown function

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating RangeIndustrial
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius125.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameSOT23-5L

The LK112 is a low-dropout linear regulator with a built-in electronic switch. The internal switch can be controlled by TTL or CMOS logic levels. The device is on-state when the control pin is pulled to a logic high level. An external capacitor can be connected to the noise bypass pin to reduce the output noise level to 30 μVrms. An internal PNP pass transistor is used to achieve a low-dropout voltage. The LK112 has a very low quiescent current in on mode while in off mode Iqis reduced below 100 nA max. The internal thermal shutdown circuitry limits the junction temperature below 150 °C. Load current is internally monitored and the device shuts down in the presence of a short-circuit or overcurrent condition on the output.

Key features
  • Output current up to 150 mA
  • Low-dropout voltage (350 mV at IOUT= 150 mA)
  • Very low quiescent current:
    • 0.1 μA in OFF mode and max. 250 μA in ON mode at IOUT= 0 mA
  • Low output noise:
    • typ. 30 μV at IOUT= 60 mA and 10 Hz < f < 80 kHz
  • Wide range of output voltages
  • Internal current and thermal limit
  • Operative input voltage from:
    • VOUT+ 0.5 to 14 V (for VOUT> 2 V) or from 2.5 V to 14 V (for VOUT< 2 V)