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64-Kbit serial I2C bus EEPROM 4 balls CSP configurable device addressing

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Supply Voltage Min Volt1.6
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius85.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack2

This EEPROM device supports standard I²C instruction set.

The M24C64X is a 64-Kbit I2C-compatible EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable memory) organized as 8 K × 8 bits and delivered in a 4-ball WLCSP package.

The M24C64X can operate with a supply voltage of 1.7 V to 5 V, over an ambient temperature range of -40  °C/+85  °C. It can also operate down to 1.6 V, under some restricting conditions.

The M24C64X offers an additional 8-bit chip enable register for the configurable device address (CDA) and memory write protection feature.

On demand, the M24C64X can be delivered with a specific chip enable address.

Thanks to these two features, the device offers the configurable device address, authorizing, through software, to configure up to eight possibilities of chip enable address, and the write protection of the whole memory array, by setting, always through software, the software write protection bit.

Key features
  • Compatible with the 400 kHz I²C protocol
  • High speed 1 MHz transfer rate
  • Memory array:
    • 64 Kbit (8 Kbyte) of EEPROM
    • Page size: 32 byte
  • Supply voltage range:
    • 1.7 V to 5.5 V over –40 °C / +85 °C
    • 1.6 V to 5.5 V over 0 °C / +85 °C
  • Write
    • Byte write within 5 ms
    • Page write within 5 ms
  • Random and sequential read modes
  • Configurable device address
  • Specific device address (on demand)
  • Software write protection
  • ESD protection
    • Human body model: 4 kV
  • Enhanced ESD / Latch-Up protection
  • More than 4 million write cycles
  • More than 200-year data retention
  • Package
    • RoHS and halogen free (ECOPACK2)