PM6697HTR Active

VR13 single phase controller
Packing TypeTape And Reel
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameVFQFPN 20 3x3
Key Features
  • Single phase controller Intel® VR13™ compliant w/ 25 MHz SVID bus rev. 1.7
  • High-performance STVCOT™ control loop
  • Selectable PWM switching frequency, maximum current, DVID slew rate, load line
  • External power MOSFET support
  • Remote sense; 0.5% Vout accuracy with calibration
  • Ultrasonic mode at light loads
  • Programmable voltage positioning
  • OV, UV and FB disconnection protection
  • Package VFQFPN20 3 x 3 mm

The PM6697H is a high-performance single phase controller designed to power Intel VR13 power rails. All required parameters are programmable through dedicated pinstrapping.

The STVCOT control loop provides fast load transient response minimizing and optimizing the output filter composition.

The device assures fast and independent protection against the load overcurrent, under/overvoltage and feedback disconnections. The device is available in a VFQFPN20 3 x 3 mm package.

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