Rad-hard integrated current limiter
Supply Voltage Min Volt8.5
Supply Voltage Max Volt52.0
Packing TypeCarrier Tape
ROHS Compliance GradeN/A
Package NameFLAT20 QML EM
Key Features
  • Wide-range supply voltage: 8.5 - 52 V DC (can be extended up to 90 V)
  • Very low DC current: typ. 1.5 mA
  • External current limitation setting
  • 3 types of operation
    • Re-triggerable
    • Latched
    • Foldback
  • Configurable trip-off and recovery times
  • Smart current limitation for repetitive overload
  • Embedded current sense
  • Configurable undervoltage protection
  • Floating ground
  • Flat-20 hermetic package
  • Radiation hardened
    • TID : 100 krad (Si) HDR
    • SEL& SEU free up to 78 MeV.cm²/mg
    • SET report available upon request
  • QML-V qualification planned
  • Evaluation boards available

The RHRPMICL1A is an integrated current limiter designed to work with an external P-channel power MOSFET.

It can be used as a universal solution to protect a power supply (from 8.5 V) from anomalous external current demand (for example, in case the load enters latch-up conditions).

It can protect or replace conventional fuses and can also be used to control redundant loads.

The RHRPMICL1A features 3 user-configurable operating modes (re-triggerable, latched, foldback), with different behaviors in case of overload/short-circuit events.

All key parameters of the application, including the current limit, the trip-off and recovery times and the undervoltage protection are user configurable, making the RHRPMICL1A suitable for a wide range of applications. Because of its floating ground, it can even be used on power buses with voltage above its maximum specification of 52 Volt supply voltage.

The status and control pins allow remote control of the device and consequently the load.

The RHRPMICL1A is designed in ST's proprietary BCD6s-SOI technology to provide total dose and heavy ion radiation hardness. Housed in a hermetic Flat-20 package assembled in ST's QML-V certified facility, it is ideally suited for harsh environments.

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