Small Engine EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Reference Design for SPC572L MCU and L9177A Driver

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Operating RangeAutomotive
Key features
  • SPC572L64F2 32-bit Power Architecture MCU for Automotive Powertrain Applications with high performance programmable timer GTM v101
  • L9177A Automotive peripheral on chip for Small Engine control
  • Small Engine Application SW: Basic fuel injection control for mono cylinder engine 4-stroke 250cc displacement with one injector and inductive coil 18-1 toothed wheel with air temperature, water temperature, barometric pressure compensation and basic calibration integrated
  • JTAG Port
  • 2 injectors / 2 coils drivers
  • 3 relay outputs
  • O2 Sensor Heater driver
  • 1 High Side output
  • Tachometer output signal
  • Variable Reluctance Sensor conditioning circuit
  • MIL output
  • +5V ref for external sensors
  • Stepper motor driver
  • Inputs for HEGO, IAT, ECT, IPS and TPS sensors
  • CAN and K-Line interface
  • KEY switch function for power-off control
  • 4 reserved digital inputs
  • 4 reserved analog inputs
  • STWD100 watchdog timer
  • 3 general purpose LEDs
  • 16 MHz crystal
  • Board size 100 x 70 mm