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Discovery Kit for SPC58NG - G line

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating RangeAutomotive
Target ApplicationBody and Convenience
ECCN US5A991.b.4.a
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack1
Package NameCARD

The SPC58NG-DISP is the ideal discovery board for accelerating the development and securing a fast time-to-market, with a perfect balance among performance, functionalities and cost.

Featuring SPC58 Chorus G Line, it addresses automotive applications, such as body and gateway, requesting the highest functional safety level, and in which security, as well as performances, reliability and high operating temperature needs are growing. SPC58 Chorus G Line is designed to meet ASIL-D highest functional safety level in compliance with ISO26262, and it embeds a Hardware Security Module (HSM) with Medium EVITA support to grant protection and secure communication. The board provides full access to all CPU’s signals and GPIO’s, and exposes a wide set of connectivity options, such as CAN-FD, Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN, UART.

It offers easy debug with a JTAG port. It also includes push switches, LEDs, and a connector suitable for the 2.8 inch TFT LCD Module TJCTM24028-SPI , to enhance HMI customization and debug (LCD not included). Power supply in the box for immediate plug and play.

ST’s SPC5Studio, is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, providing a comprehensive framework to design, build and deploy your own embedded application SPC5Studio is available for free download (www.st.com/spc5studio) and includes multiple free application firmware examples, including an LCD library, ready for use. Learn more and share your experience joining ST Community at (https://community.st.com/SPC5 Automotive MCUs).

Key features
  • Featuring SPC58NG84E7, a 32-bit Power Architecture® triple core e200z4, 6MB flash in eLQFP176 package. Device designed to meet ASIL-D safety level and embeds an HSM with 128KB flash memory.
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • 1 CAN FD port (DB9 connector)
  • JTAG interface (14 pin - 2x7 connector)
  • 2 Push buttons, 4 LEDs for user purposes, reset push button
  • Board Supply: 12 VDC (external power supply)
  • Connector suitable for TFT LCD module
  • Board size 145 x 105 mm
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