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Set of ST25TA and ST25TV series NFC tags

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The ST25-TAG-BAG-UB is a ready-to-use tag set, containing tags based on NFC Forum Type 5 tag ICs (ST25TV02K and ST25TV02KC) or on NFC Forum Type 4 tag ICs (ST25TA02KB and ST25TA64K).

These ICs are combined with antennas of different size and material, with advanced designs (like tamper detect or connection with LEDs) to address different applications.

The ST25-TAG-BAG-UB is intended for evaluation of the ST25TA and ST25TV Series NFC tags, belonging to the ST25T product family, offering a wide range of NFC/RFID tags with memory size from 512 bits to 64 Kbits, and including both short (ISO/IEC 14443-A) and long range (ISO/IEC 15693) products.

More info on devices of the ST25TA and ST25TV series can be found on www.st.com.

Key features
  • Three ST25TV02KC PET stickers
  • One ST25TV02K button tag PA6
  • Six ST25TV02K PET stickers
  • One ST25TV02K on-metal PET sticker
  • One ST25TV02K PVC card with LEDs
  • One ST25TV02K (with tamper) FPC card
  • Three ST25TV02K (with tamper) stickers with tail
  • Three ST25TA02KB PET stickers
  • Two ST25TA64K paper info cards