NFC Type 5 / RFID tag IC with 4-Kbit EEPROM and protection

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius85.0
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantN/A

The ST25TV04K-P device is a NFC and RFID tags, with 4 Kbits of electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM). This devie acts as a contactless memory accessed through a RF link, following ISO/IEC 15693 or NFC forum type 5 recommendations, and powered by the received carrier electromagnetic wave.

The GPO pin of the ST25TV04K-P provides data informing the contact world about incoming events, like RF field detection, RF activity in progress or can be directly controller by an RF reader. An energy harvesting feature is also proposed when external conditions make it possible.

Key features
  • Contactless interface
    • Based on ISO/IEC 15693
    • NFC Forum Type 5 tag certified by the NFC Forum
    • Supports all ISO/IEC 15693 modulations, coding, subcarrier modes and data rates
    • Custom Fast read access up to 53 Kbit/s
    • Single and multiple block reads (Same for Extended commands)
    • Single and multiple block writes (Same for Extended commands) (up to 4)
    • Internal tuning capacitance: 28.5 pF
    • Kill capability for privacy protection
  • Memory
    • 4 Kbits of EEPROM
    • RF interface accesses blocks of four bytes
    • Typical write time: 5 ms for one block
    • Data retention: 40 years
    • Write cycles endurance:
      • 1 million at 25 °C
      • 600k at 85 °C

  • Data protection
    • User memory: one to four configurable
      areas, protectable in read and/or write by three 64-bit passwords
    • System configuration: protected in write by a 64-bit password
  • Energy harvesting
    • Analog output pin to power external components
  • GPO
    • Interruption pin configurable on multiple RF events (field change, memory write, activity, user set/reset/pulse)
  • Temperature range
    • From - 40 to 85 °C