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Bare PCB evaluation board for the dual operational amplifier family in an SO8 package

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Target ApplicationSecurity and Surveillance
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The STEVAL-CCA057V1 evaluation board is designed to help customers quickly prototype new dual op amp circuits in an SO8 package and reduce design time.

It can be used with almost any STMicroelectronics dual op amp in various configurations and applications.

The STEVAL-CCA057V1 is a bare board. There are no components or amplifiers soldered on the board. The components must be ordered separately.

Key features
  • The board with its components allow it to be configured as:
    • Sallen-key filter
    • Instrument amplifier
    • AC-coupled circuit
    • Out-of-loop compensation circuit
    • In loop compensation circuit
    • Transimpedance amplifier
    • Gain amplifier
    • Numerous other possible configurations
  • RoHS compliant