Evaluation kit for education on motor control and control systems

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The STEVAL-EDUKIT01 is designed to represent a complex, non-linear and unstable oscillator for university-level robotics projects. It consists of a transparent structure holding a free-swinging pendulum, whose movement has to be stabilized by a stepper motor with feedback from a high performance rotary encoder reading the pendulum angle.

The STSW-EDUKIT01 firmware includes critical, high-speed algorithms that interpret encoder data and allow the stepper motor to counter the movement of the pendulum so that it remains vertical.

The educational set, with real-time Matlab viewer and interface, helps you build your understanding of ARM-based embedded architecture (STM32CubeIDE), stepper motor control and real-time systems based on proportional, integral, derivative (PID) control, as well as more advanced techniques such as State Space or State Space with linear quadratic regulator (LQR).

A further set of open source tutorials and training material is at your complete disposal at

Key features
  • Rotary inverted pendulum kit for education
  • Included stepper motor and quadrature rotary encoder
  • Low cost and easy to assemble interlocking acrylic frame
  • Included power supply (100-240 V): 12 V, 1 A
  • Based on the NUCLEO-F401RE development board
  • X-NUCLEO-IHM01A1 expansion board with L6474PD microstepping motor driver
  • Open source educational material available