Single-channel LED driver for automotive day-time running lights (DTRL) and front lights based on ALED6001 and STM32F103C6T6

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target ApplicationLED Lighting
Core ProductALED6001, STM32F103C6T6
Input Voltage Min Volt6.0
Input Voltage Max Volt24.0
Packing TypeNot Applicable
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameCARD
Key features
  • Wide DC input voltage range: from 6 to 24 V
  • Integrated boost converter with adaptive output voltage for minimum power dissipation
  • Up to 92% boost converter efficiency
  • Single output LED driver with programmable current capability up to 350 mA
  • High-side current sensing feedback
  • External dimming MOSFET driver for superior dimming performance
  • PWM and analog LED brightness control
  • Up to 60 V output (16 white LEDs)
  • On-board STM32 microcontroller for simple device evaluation
  • USB connection for device control through dedicated PC GUI
  • RoHS compliant