100 W motor control power board based on STIPN2M50T-H SLLIMM™nano IPM MOSFET

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target Application3-phase 6-STEP Control
Core ProductSTIPN2M50T-H
Packing TypeNot Applicable
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameCARD
Key features
  • Input voltage: from 125 to 400 VDC
  • Nominal power: up to 100 W
  • Nominal current: up to 0.6 Arms
  • Input auxiliary voltage: up to 20 VDC
  • Single- or three-shunt resistors for current sensing (with sensing network)
  • Three options for current sensing: dedicated external op-amps, internal SLLIMM-nano op-amp (single) or via MCU
  • Overcurrent hardware protection
  • IPM temperature monitoring and protection
  • Hall sensor or encoder input
  • Intelligent power module:
    • SLLIMM-nano IPM MOSFET-based (STIPN2M50T-H – full molded package)
  • Motor control connector (32 pins) interfacing with ST MCU boards
  • Universal design for further evaluation with bread board and testing pins
  • Very compact size
  • RoHS compliant