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Smart card interface evaluation board based on the ST8034HC

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target ApplicationSet Top Box
Core ProductST8034HC
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The ST8034xx interface devices are placed between the smartcard and the microcontroller to provide all necessary supply, protection, detection and control functions, while requiring a minimum of external components.

The STEVAL-IPT007V1 product evaluation board allows easy demonstration and testing of the ST8034HC 24-pin smartcard interface features.

The board can also be used as a functional block for a complete application, as it is designed both for standalone operation or to be controlled by the microcontroller. The board is fully configurable to maintain flexibility for various use scenarios. It includes standard interfaces on both sides (smartcard connector, MCU interface connector) and easily accessed, labeled test-points on all signals.

The STEVAL-IPT007V1 product evaluation board addresses market segments including POS, set-top boxes, pay TV, identification, banking and tachograph.

Key features
  • Smartcard connector
  • Labeled test-points provide accessibility to all signals on the board
  • Design allows standalone operation for basic tests
  • Interface to MCU block and easy board configurability allows full-featured functionality for applications such as set-top box
  • On-board 10 MHz crystal clock oscillator can be used to provide card clock in standalone operation
  • Card clock source selection switch allows a choice between the on-board crystal oscillator as card clock source, or an external clock source provided by microcontroller block through the MCU interface together with data signals
  • Card supply voltage selection provides simple but flexible card supply through either on-board configuration switches or remotely by microcontroller
  • RoHS compliant