STEVAL-ISB047V1 Active

Qi certified 3-coil 15 W wireless charger TX evaluation kit based on STWBC-MC
Core ProductSTWBC-MC
Target ApplicationMobile phone
Packing TypeNot Applicable
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameCARD
Key Features
  • STWBC-MC digital controller
  • MP-A15 3-coil array
  • 15 W potential power
  • Flexible input voltage: 5 to 20 V from USB-C or DC jack
  • 5 W mode when connected to 5 V USB input or DC jack
  • Fixed frequency operation
  • WPC Qi1.2.4 standard certified
  • Robust demodulation algorithm, with triple path (V, I, f)
  • Foreign object detection (FOD)
  • Active presence detection
  • UART protocol to control and monitor the system
  • Complete reference design (evaluation board, schematics, PCB layout, firmware and tools)
  • 2-layer PCB
  • Low standby power consumption
  • Flash memory based
  • CE certified
  • RoHS compliant
  • WEEE compliant

The evaluation board supports wireless battery charging of Qi-compliant devices up to 15 W. It also supports proprietary fast charging modes up to 10 W.

The STEVAL-ISB047V1 transmitter is based on the STWBC-MC and features a cost-effective half bridge topology, offering external interface via UART.

The STEVAL-ISB047V1 evaluation kit is a full solution, complete with boards, firmware, a GUI for debugging, schematics, layout files and bill of materials.

Tools for STEVAL-ISB047V1 are available on, and allow users to access runtime information such as power delivered, regulation error and protocol status. Parameters can also be adjusted with these tools.

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