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Qi-based wireless power receiver for Baseline Power Profile (BPP) applications up to 5 W using STWLC68

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Core ProductSTWLC68
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The STEVAL-ISB68RX evaluation board with STWLC68 wireless power receiver implements a 5 watt Qi Baseline Power Profile (BPP) application according to Qi specifications 1.2.4. The board functions as a standalone power receiver and provides a fixed output voltage when placed on a suitable wireless power transmitter.

The board also integrates a USB-to-I²C bridge, allowing the user can monitor and control the STWLC68 chip with the STSW-ISB68GUI Graphical User Interface (GUI). The converter may also be used to directly interface with the final application or with other boards based on the same STWLC68 chip.

The STEVAL-ISB68RX includes several safety mechanisms providing overtemperature, overcurrent and overvoltage protection as well as Foreign Object Detection (FOD).

A dedicated connector provides advanced access to STWLC68 chip functionality, including control signals, programmable GPIOs, and analog input for NTC temperature sensor.

Key features
  • Operates in Rx mode as Qi 1.2.4 5W BPP
  • Constant 5V Output voltage (default settings)
  • Foreign object detection (FOD) supported
  • 400 kHz I²C interface for communication with host system (optional)
  • Built-in USB-I²C convertor
  • RoHS compliant