STTH8T06DI Active

600 V tandem Extrafast Boost Diode
Packing TypeTube
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameTO-220AC Ins
Key Features
  • High voltage rectifier
  • Tandem diodes in series
  • Very low switching losses
  • Insulated device with internal ceramic
  • Equal thermal conditions for both 300 V diodes
  • Static and dynamic equilibrium of internal diodes are warranted by design
  • Insulated package:
    • Capacitance: 7 pF
    • Insulated voltage: 2500 V rms

This device is part of ST's second generation of 600 V tandem diodes. It has ultralow switching-losses with a minimized QRR(6 nC) that makes it perfect for use in circuits working in hard-switching mode. In particular the VF/QRRtrade-off positions this device between standard ultrafast diodes and silicon-carbide Schottky rectifiers in terms of price/performance ratio.

The device offers a new positioning giving more flexibility to power-circuit designers looking for good performance while still respecting cost constraints.

Featuring ST's Turbo 2 600 V technology, the device is particularly suited as a boost diode in continuous conduction mode power factor correction circuits.

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