25 A - 800 V - T-Series Triac in TO-220AB insulated

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Packing TypeTube
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameTO-220AB Ins

The T2535T-8I Triac in TO-220AB package can be used for the on/off or phase angle control function in general purpose AC switching.

Based on the ST Snubberless technology, it offers higher specified turn-off commutation and noise immunity levels up to 150 °C.

The T2535T-8I safely optimizes the control of the motors and heaters loads for the most constraining home appliances environments.

By using an internal ceramic pad, the TO-220AB insulated package provides a UL recognized component isolation, rated at 2500 VRMS.

Key features
  • 25 A medium current Triac
  • 150 °C maximum junction temperature TJ
  • Surge capability VDSM, VRSM = 900 V
  • Three triggering quadrants
  • High noise immunity - static dV/dt
  • Robust dynamic turn-off commutation - (dI/dt)c
  • ECOPACK2 compliant component
  • Comply with UL1557 insulation:
    • 2.5 kV - Reference file: E81734