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2 x 75 W dual-bridge power amplifier with I2C complete diagnostics and "start-stop" profile (6 V operation)

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Supply Voltage Min Volt6.0
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius105.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NamePowerSO 36

The TDA7577BLV is a new MOSFET dual bridge amplifier specially intended for car radio applications. Thanks to the DMOS output stage the TDA7577BLV has a very low distortion allowing a clear powerful sound, together with high output power capability.

It is a very flexible device capable to support the most demanding specifications in terms of power dissipation and battery transitions: its superior efficiency performance, coming from the internal exclusive structure, can reduce the dissipated output power up to the 50 % (when compared to conventional class AB solutions). Moreover it is compliant to the recent OEM specifications thanks to the capability to work down to 6 V ('start-stop' compatibility).

This device is also equipped with a full diagnostic array that communicates the status of each speaker through the I2C bus. TDA7577BLV can also drive 1 Ω loads (with parallel connection of the outputs).

It is possible also to exclude the I2C bus interface, controlling the device by means of the usual ST-BY and MUTE pins.

Key features
  • MOSFET (DMOS) output power stage
  • High-efficiency (class SB)
  • Single-channel 1 Ω driving capability
    • 84 W undistorted power
  • High output power capability 2 x 28 W / 4 Ω @ 14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10 % THD
  • Max. output power 2 x 75 W / 2 Ω,1 x 150 W / 1 Ω
  • Full I2C bus driving with 4 addresses
  • Low voltage (6 V) operation (i.e. 'start-stop')
  • Gain 16/26 dB
  • Full digital diagnostic (AC and DC loads)
  • Legacy mode (operation without I2C)
  • Differential inputs
  • Fault detection through integrated diagnostics
  • DC offset detection
  • Two independent short circuit protections
  • Diagnostic on clipping detector with selectable threshold (2 % / 10 %)
  • Clipping detector pin
  • ST-BY and MUTE pins
  • ESD protection
  • Very robust against misconnections