TDE3247FP Active

Interface circuit (relay and lamp driver)
Packing TypeTube
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2 (**)
Package NameSO-14
Key Features
  • Open ground protection
  • High output current
  • Internal thermal protection with hysteresis to avoid the intermediate output levels
  • Adjustable short-circuit protection to ground
  • Short-circuit protection to VCC
  • Large supply voltage range: 8 to 30V

The TDE3247 is a monolithic amplifier designed for high current and high voltage applications, specifically to drive lamps, relays and stepping motors.

The Device is essentialy blow-out proof. Current limiting is available to limit the peak output current to a safe value, the adjustment only required an external resistor.

In addition, thermal shut-down is provided to keep the IC from overheating.

If external dissipation becomes too high, the driver will shut-down to prevent excessive heating.

The output is also protected against short-circuit with the positive power supply.

The device operates over a wide range of supply voltage from standard ±15V operational amplifier supplies down to the single 12V or 24V used for industrial electronic systems.

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