TN4050-12WL Active

40 A 1200 V standard SCR thyristor in TO-247LL package
Packing TypeTube
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameTO-247 long leads
Key Features
  • Max. repetitive blocking voltage = VDRM, VRRM = 1200 V
  • IGT maximum = 50 mA
  • RMS on state current ITRMS : 40 A
  • High static and dynamic commutation:
    • dI/dt = 100 A/µs
    • dV/dt = 2000 V/µs
  • ECOPACK2 component (RoHS and HF compliance)

The TN4050-12WL SCR is suitable in industrial application where high immunity is required with a lower gate current.

Available in through-hole high power package TO-247LL (long lead) with anode in backside.

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