TSH80IYDT Active

Rail-to-rail video op-amp with standby
Supply Voltage Min Volt4.5
Supply Voltage Max Volt12.0
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius85.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack3
Package NameSO-8
Key Features
  • Operating range from 4.5 to 12 V
  • 3 dB-bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Slew rate 100 V/μs
  • Output current up to 55 mA
  • Input single supply voltage
  • Output rail-to-rail
  • Specified for 150 Ω loads
  • Low distortion, THD 0.1%
  • SOT23-5, SO8, and TSSOP packages
  • Automotive qualification

The TSH8x series offers single, dual and quad operational amplifiers featuring high video performance with large bandwidth, low distortion and excellent supply voltage rejection. These amplifiers also feature large output voltage swings and a high output current capability to drive standard 150 Ω loads.

Running at single or dual supply voltages ranging from 4.5 to 12 V, these amplifiers are tested at 5 V (±2.5 V) and 10 V (±5 V) supplies.

The TSH81 device also features a standby mode, which provides the operational amplifier with a low power consumption and high output impedance. This function allows power saving or signal switching/multiplexing for high-speed and video applications.

For board space and weight saving, the TSH8x series is proposed in SOT23-5, SO8, TSSOP8, and TSSOP14 plastic micropackages.

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