Double channel high side driver for automotive applications
Operating RangeAutomotive
Packing TypeTube
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack1 (*)
Package NamePowerSSO 12
Key Features
  • General Inrush current active management by power limitation Very low stand-by current 3.0V CMOS compatible inputs Optimized electromagnetic emissions Very low electromagnetic susceptibility In compliance with the 2002/95/EC european directive
  • Protections Undervoltage shutdown Overvoltage clamp Load current limitation Self limiting of fast thermal transients Protection against loss of ground and loss of VCC Over-temperature shutdown with autorestart (thermal shutdown) Reverse battery protected(a) Electrostatic discharge protection
  • Diagnostic functions Open Drain status output On-state open load detection Off-state open load detection Output short to VCC detection Overload and short to ground (power limitation) indication Thermal shutdown indication

The VND5E050J-E and VND5E050K-E are double channel high-side drivers manufactured in the ST proprietary VIPower M0-5 technology and housed in the tiny PowerSSO-12 and PowerSSO-24 packages.

The VND5E050J-E and VND5E050K-E are designed to drive automotive grounded loads delivering protection, diagnostics and easy 3V and 5V CMOS-compatible interface with any microcontroller.

The devices integrate advanced protective functions such as load current limitation, inrush and overload active management by power limitation, over-temperature shut-off with auto-restart and over-voltage active clamp.

A dedicated active low digital status pin is associated with every output channel in order to provide Enhanced diagnostic functions including fast detection of overload and short-circuit to ground, over-temperature indication, short-circuit to VCC diagnosis and ON & OFF state open-load detection.

The diagnostic feedback of the whole device can be disabled by pulling the STAT_DIS pin up, thus allowing wired-ORing with other similar devices.

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