VL53L1 Nucleo expansion board

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Core ProductVL53L1
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RoHs compliantEcopack1
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The X-NUCLEO-53L1A2 is an expansion board for the NUCLEO-F401RE and NUCLEO-L476RG development boards. It provides a complete evaluation kit which allows anyone to learn, evaluate, and develop their applications using the VL53L1 ToF ranging sensor with advanced multi object detection and FoV programming.

The X-NUCLEO-53L1A2 expansion board is delivered with a cover glass holder in which three different spacers of 0.25, 0.5, and 1 mm height can be fitted below the cover glass to simulate various air gaps.

Two VL53L1 breakout boards can be connected using two 10-pin connectors.

The X-NUCLEO-53L1A2 expansion board is compatible with the STM32 nucleo board family, and with the Arduino UNO R3 connector layout.

Several ST expansion boards can be superposed through the Arduino connectors which allows, for example, the development of VL53L1 applications with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interfaces.

Key features
  • VL53L1 Time-of-Flight ranging sensor with multi object detection and field of view (FoV) programming
  • Accurate absolute ranging distance measurement, independent of the reflectance of the target
  • 0.25, 0.5 and 1 mm spacers to simulate air gaps between ToF sensor and cover window
  • Two different cover windows
  • Two VL53L1 breakout boards which can be connected onto the X-NUCLEO-53L1A2 expansion board through flying wires to integrate the VL53L1 into the customer’s application
  • Compatible with STM32 Nucleo board family
  • Equipped with Arduino™ UNO R3 connector
  • RoHS compliant
  • Full system software (SW) is supplied, including code examples and graphical user interface. All this can be downloaded from the folder “Tools & Software, section Embedded software on the product page