STM32 Power shield, Nucleo expansion board for power consumption measurement (UM2243)

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The X-NUCLEO-LPM01A is a 1.8 V to 3.3 V programmable power supply source with advanced power consumption measurement capability.

It performs consumption averaging (static measurement up to 200 mA) as well as real-time analysis (dynamic measurement up to 50 mA with 100 kHz bandwidth).

The X-NUCLEO-LPM01A operates either in standalone mode (using its LCD, joystick and button to display static measurements), or in controlled mode connected to host PC via USB (using the STM32CubeMonitor-Power software tool with its comprehensive graphical user interface).

It can be used to supply and measure the consumption of STM32 Nucleo-32, Nucleo-64 or Nucleo-144 boards, using Arduino connectors. Alternatively, it supplies and measures the consumption of any target connected by wires via the basic connector.

Key features
  • STM32L496VGT6 microcontroller featuring Arm® Cortex®-M4 core at 80 MHz / 100 DMIPS and three 12-bit ADC at 5 Msps
  • Programmable voltage source from 1.8 V to 3.3 V
  • Static current measurement from 1 nA to 200 mA
  • Dynamic measurements:
    • 100 kHz bandwidth, 3.2 Msps sampling rate
    • Current from 100 nA to 50 mA
    • Power measurement from 180 nW to 165 mW
    • Energy measurement computation by power measurement time integration
    • Execution of EEMBC ULPMark™ tests
  • Mode standalone:
    • Monochrome LCD, 2 lines of 16 characters with backlight
    • 4-direction joystick with selection button
    • Enter and Reset push-buttons
  • Mode controlled:
    • Connection to a PC through USB FS micro-B receptacle
    • Command line (virtual COM port) or
    • STM32CubeMonitor-Power PC tool.
  • 4 status LEDs
  • Target board connectors:
    • Arduino Uno and Nano connectors
    • Basic connector (white): 4 wires
  • Flexible input power-supply options:
    • USB micro-B (VBUS)
    • External power connector (7 V to 10 V)
    • Arduino Uno and Nano connectors (pin 5 V)
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