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ACEPACK 2 power module, 3-level topology, 1200 V, 13 mOhm typ. SiC Power MOSFET gen.2 with NTC

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Package Size62.8 x 56.7
Packing TypeTray
RoHs compliantEcopack1
Package NameACEPACK 2

This ACEPACK 2 power module represents a leg of a T-type 3-level inverter topology that integrates the advanced silicon carbide Power MOSFET technology from STMicroelectronics. This module leverages the innovative properties of the wide-bandgap SiC material and a high-thermal-performance substrate. The result is exceptionally low on-resistance per unit area and excellent switching performance that is virtually independent of temperature. An NTC sensor completes the design.

Key features
  • 3-level topology
  • ACEPACK 2 power module
    • 13 mΩ of typical RDS(on) each switch
    • Insulation voltage UL certified of 2.5 kVrms
    • Integrated NTC temperature sensor
    • DBC Cu-Al2O3-Cu based
    • Press fit contact pins