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Automotive-grade Dual DC motor driver up to 15A each

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Core ProductVNH7070BAS, VN7050AJ, VN7E010AJ
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The AEK-MOT-2DC70S1 is a very compact solution for multi DC motor driving applications, embedding all the driver and signal decoding functions on the same board.

Together with current sensing capability, the AEK-MOT-2DC70S1 features three independent encoder inputs. The DC motor drivers have separate half-bridge driving which allows up to three separate motors with only two devices, using an appropriate driving sequence.

The motor driver is ideal for two-wheel applications and allows engineers to build highly compact motor control solutions. The two high-side drivers facilitate additional driving for system actuators (unidirectional DC motor, LED, pump, etc.).

Key features
  • Dual DC motor driver
    • Parallel driving
    • Bi-directional
    • Output current up to 15A each device
  • Three DC motor drivers
    • Up to two in parallel
    • Bi-directional
  • Dual high-side driver
    • Parallel driving
    • Suitable for DC unidirectional driving
    • One channel up to 85 A and the other up to 25 A
  • Optional encoder input
    • Three separated connectors
  • Size 65 mm x 83 mm
  • Included in AutoDevKit initiative
  • RoHS compliant