Power liftgate controller board based on L99DZ200G multioutput driver and SPC582B60E1 Chorus 1M microcontroller

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target ApplicationStepper Motor Control
Core ProductSPC582B60E1MH00Y, L99DZ200GTR
ECCN US5A991.b.4.a
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The AEK-MOT-TK200G1 is designed as a zone controller for the power liftgate application. The two main devices hosted are the L99DZ200G automotive-grade multioutput driver and the SPC582B60E1 Chorus 1M automotive-grade microcontroller.

The L99DZ200G device enables the board with two H-bridge gate drivers that control an external MOS tuned for the power liftgate application actuations. Up to three DC motors can be driven: two simultaneously (SPINDLE) and one by itself (CINCH).

The AEK-MOT-TK200G1 supports the current sensing for both H-bridges to impact on the Hall sensor positioning and to detect obstacles encountered while opening/closing the liftgate.

The AEK-MOT-TK200G1 firmware is preloaded. You can control the board through an external domain controller via a CAN bus.

The AutoDevKit software library (STSW-AUTODEVKIT) includes a CAN bus-driving example based on the SPC58EC Chorus 4M.

Key features
  • Hosts the automotive-grade L99DZ200G multioutput drivers and the SPC582B60E1 Chorus 1M automotive microcontroller
  • Controls up to three DC motors via the L99DZ200G H-bridge gate drivers
  • Supports two additional high-side outputs to drive bulbs, relays, and LEDs
  • Supports CAN bus interface for remote control
  • Open-load and overcurrent detection
  • Thermal warning and thermal shutdown protection
  • Size 100 x 83 mm
  • Included in the AutoDevKit ecosystem