USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery dual port interface board with automotivegrade STUSB1702Y USB Type-C controller

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Target ApplicationCommunications and Networking
Core ProductSTUSB1702Y
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RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The AEK-USB-2TYPEC1 automotive grade USB Type-C and Power Delivery dual port expansion board is part of the ST AutoDevKit development initiative. It embeds two STUSB1702Y USB Type-C™ port controllers for a two-port Provider solution.

Each STUSB1702Y USB Type-C port controller includes a fully-featured USB type-C state machine for attach/detach and cable orientation detection, a USB PD PHY and BMC transceiver, high voltage (20 V) technology VBUS voltage monitoring, 600 mA VCONN power switch, VBUS and VCONN discharge paths, 22 V CC line protection, VBUS switch gate drivers and data role configuration (not used in this case).

The two USB Type-C ports have USB 2.0 data lines that are accessible through on-board connectors J101 and J102. The same connectors may be used to redirect the data from one of the two USB 2.0 ports to the 4x20 pass-through connector.

The board also has a power status LED and three status LEDs to signal what each Type-C port is advertising: power role, VBUS negotiation status and CC line orientation (direct or flipped). Two alternate function connectors (not mounted) are available for extension or future developments.

The AEK-USB-2TYPEC1 board is designed to be connected to a SPC58 Chorus 4 MB flash discovery board (SPC58EC-DISP) equipped with a 32-bit Power Architecture® microcontroller for automotive ASIL-B applications. The AEKD-USBTYPEC1 kit consists of two boards and a USB-PD firmware package, so you can develop application based on the USB-PD Provider role.

The AEK-USB-2TYPEC1 embeds a connector for an external power board, which would allow the system to deliver output voltage profiles up to 20 V and satisfy various power requests according to the USB Power Delivery specification.

Key features
  • Both ports acting as Provider role
  • Type-C attach and cable orientation detection
  • High voltage protections on VBUS and CC lines
  • VBUS switch gate drivers
  • VBUS monitoring and discharge path
  • A current sensing circuit for each port on VBUS line
  • Power connector to interface with external power boards (not included)
  • Total board dimensions: 85 mm x 81 mm
  • RoHS compliant
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