High power inverse buck for dimmable LED application with MASTERGAN4, HVLED002 and VIPER06XS

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This document describes the EVLMG4-500WIBCK evaluation board, designed to drive a dimmable LED load with a GaN-based, synchronously rectified inverse buck topology; the switching element and diode are replaced by MASTERGAN4, mounted on a daughterboard to obtain a compact and scalable application. The HVLED002 controller manages the inverse buck mainly composed by T1 and MASTERGAN4.

The supply of the HVLED002 is generated by ViPer06XS, that converts the input voltage of the buck to the voltage needed at Vdd pin, eliminating the need of an external power supply.

The circuit is configured to generate 1 A, but different output currents are selectable changing the shunt resistor combination on the daughterboard with the MASTERGAN4.

The board operates with 400 V input voltage and output voltage range between 150 V and 350 V.

A dimming circuit is present on the board. It consists of two circuits: the analog and PWM circuit. It enables the regulation of the output current between the 100% and 0%.

The over voltage and short circuit protection are guaranteed.

Key features
  • Input voltage: Vin = 400 Vdc, Vdim = 10 Vdc
  • Output voltage range: 150 V – 350 V
  • Output current: 0.7 A – 1 A – 1.3 A, selectable with shunt resistor
  • High precision output current, with output current variation lower than 5%
  • High efficiency up to 99.4% @Iout = 1 A Vout = 350 V
  • No heatsink required
  • Dimming between 0% - 100%
  • PCB dimension: 48.7 mm x 65.1 mm x 37 mm
    • Motherboard: 48.7 mm x 65.1 mm
    • Daughterboard: 30 mm x 40 mm
  • RoHS compliant