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Automotive dual monolithic switching regulator with LDO and HSD

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating RangeAutomotive
Supply Voltage Min Volt3.5
Supply Voltage Max Volt36.0
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius105.0
Operating Voltage Min Volt3.5
Operating Voltage Max Volt26.0
Packing TypeTube
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NamePowerSSO 36

L5963 is a dual step-down switching regulator with internal power switches, high side driver and a low drop-out linear regulator that can operate as standby regulator or normal LDO.

All the regulators can be connected directly to the vehicle battery. In addition to an adjustable voltage detector, voltage supervisors are available.

The two DC-DC converters can work in free-run condition or synchronize themselves to an external clock. DC/DCs' PWM outputs have a 180° phase shift.

The high operating frequency allowed by the synchronization input helps to reduce AM and FM interferences and grants the use of small and low cost inductors and capacitors.

This IC finds application in the automotive segment, where load dump protection and wide input voltage range are mandatory.

A slug-up package option is available for applications which require heatsink use.

In standby condition the device guarantees extremely low quiescent current (25 μA typical @ -40 °C < T < 85 °C)

Key features
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Two step-down synchronous switching voltage regulators with internal power switches:
    • Wide input voltage range (from 3.5 V to 26 V)
    • Internal high-side/ low-side NDMOS
    • 1 V minimum output
    • 3.0 A load current
    • 250 kHz free-run frequency
    • 250 kHz < f < 2 MHz synchronization range
    • Integrated soft-start
    • Independent hardware enable pins
    • Independent power supply
    • 180° PWM output phase shift
    • Programmable switching frequency divider by 1, 2, 4 or 8 between the two DC/DC regulators
    • Power good function
  • One standby / linear regulator
    • Output voltage programmable with external resistor divider
    • 250 mA maximum current capability
    • Backup function
    • Power good function
  • One high side driver
    • 0.5 V max drop @ 0.5 A
    • Protected against short to ground and battery, loss of ground and battery, unsupplied short to battery
  • Programmable under voltage battery detector
    • Under voltage threshold adjustable through dedicated pin (VDIN)
  • Load dump protection
  • Independent thermal protection on all regulators
  • Independent current limit on all regulators
  • Extremely low quiescent current in standby conditions
  • Power good / adjustable voltage detector outputs to realize customized power up/down sequences