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Electronic switch for power line

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Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameVDFPN 10 3x3x1.0

The STELPD01 is an integrated electronic power switch for power rail protection applications.

It is able to precisely detect and react to overcurrent and overvoltage conditions.

When an overload condition occurs, the device goes into an open state, disconnecting the load from the power supply. An external power MOSFET can be driven to manage the power loss protection in case of fault condition.

In case of overvoltage on the input, the device regulates the output to a preset 17.5 V value.

Undervoltage lockout prevents the load from malfunction, keeping the device off if the rail voltage is too low.

The STELPD01 features an adjustable turn-on slew-rate, which is useful to keep the in-rush current under control during startup and hot-swap operations.

Key features
  • Wide input voltage range: 4 V to 18 V
  • 17.5 V typical output overvoltage clamp
  • Absolute maximum voltage of 23.5 V
  • 5 A maximum continuous current
  • Adjustable current limit with circuit breaker functionality
  • Thermal protection
  • Input undervoltage lockout
  • Low inrush current during startup
  • Integrated 40 mΩ Power FET
  • EN/Fault pin
  • Adjustable slew rate for output voltage
  • Gate control pin for reverse current blocking FET
  • Latch or auto-retry
  • Available in DFN10L (3x3 mm) package