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USB Type-C Power Delivery dual port adapter based on the STPD01 programmable buck converter

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating RangeIndustrial
Core ProductL7983PU50R, TCPP02-M18, STM32G071RBT6, STPD01PUR
Input Voltage Min Volt6.0
Input Voltage Max Volt24.0
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The STEVAL-2STPD01 is an evaluation kit composed of an expansion board containing two Type-C ports and integrating two STPD01PUR programmable buck converters for USB Power Delivery, and the NUCLEO-G071RB STM32 Nucleo-64 development board.

The kit exploits the characteristics of the STPD01PUR programmable buck regulator controlled through I²C interface, and the UCPD peripheral embedded in the STM32G071RBT6 microcontroller supported by a dedicated firmware stack to implement a USB Type-C and PD dual port source adapter with power sharing capability.

Once the input power rate is fixed, the kit is able to balance the power on the two ports, supporting the requests sent by the USB PD devices connected to each port.

Taking advantage of STPD01PUR characteristics to output several voltage levels, the solution is able to manage up to 120 W (60 W for each port) according to the DC input power.

The expansion board has been specifically developed to be stacked on the NUCLEO-G071RB development board using the capability of its microcontroller to manage two UCPD peripherals at the same time. It also embeds the TCPP02-M18 USB Type-C port protection for Source applications and the L7983PU50R synchronous step-down switching regulator.

To fully demonstrate the USB Type-C and Power Delivery functionalities of the solution, the STSW-2STP01 software package, containing the demo application example, has been designed for the NUCLEO-G071RB STM32 Nucleo development board.

The solution is compliant with USB Type-C 2.1 and PD 3.1 specifications.

Key features
  • Two USB Type-C and Power Delivery Source ports
  • Output power up to 120 W-rated (60 W per port), managed through power sharing algorithm
  • Up to four output PDOs for each port (5 V@3 A, 9 V@3 A, 15 V@3 A, 20 V@3 A)
  • Compliant with USB Type-C 2.1 and PD 3.1 specifications
  • Two STPD01PUR DC-DC converters dynamically set by I²C, suitable to implement power sharing in USB PD applications
  • Two on-board TCPP02-M18 protections for USB Type-C and PD Source applications
  • OVP, UVP, OC, short-circuit and OTP protections
  • Surge protection (8/20 µs) and system level ESD protection on VBUS
  • System level ESD protection on CC lines as per IEC61000-4-2 level 4 (±8 kV contact discharge)
  • RoHS compliant