STEVAL-ILL060V1 Active

High brightness LED array driver with diagnostics for automotive applications based on the STAP16DPPS05 and STM8A
Core ProductSTAP16DPPS05, STM8AF6266
Target ApplicationLED Lighting
Packing TypeNot Applicable
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameCARD
Key Features
  • 6 - 24 VDC power supply with reverse voltage protection, short-circuit protection and input surge protection and standard DC jack input
  • Backward/forward transition switch to change modes
  • SWIM connector for MCU programing and debugging
  • Connector for LIN development and evaluation
  • Potentiometer to change brightness and speed of patterns
  • 32 white LEDs (PLCC 4)
  • 8 jumpers to simulate open-circuit error
  • 4 jumpers, to simulate short-circuit error
  • USB-UART bridge to interface board with GUI
  • Demonstrates pre-configured patterns (with adjustable brightness/speed) such as rolling text, wave effect, dot sequence, etc. in stand-alone mode
  • Demonstrates basic mode or frame programming mode with GUI SW
  • RoHS compliant

The STEVAL-ILL060V1 is a high brightness LED array driver evaluation board with diagnostics based on STMicroelectronics’ automotive-grade low voltage, 16-bit constant current LED sink driver STAP16DPPS05.

The LED driver is configured and controlled through an 8-bit automotive-grade STM8A microcontroller via an SPI interface. An A5974D DC-DC converter, also automotive-grade, provides the voltages and power needed for overall operation of the board.

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